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At KALSI our aim is to provide health practitioners with clinical education and/or business consulting that optimise outcomes. We provide innovative, flexible and accessible education for health practitioners of all levels.  Learn more


Providing quality healthcare is complex both clinically and commercially!  Our expert consultants are here to help.  To ask a clinical or business related question click on our Practitioner Advice Line.

KALSI Clinical Education

Innovative and technology based solutions for negotiating the information overload! KALSI Clinical Education helps practitioners develop an integrated, contemporary and evidence-based approach to clinical practice. We identify the best clinical research on pathoanatomical, psychosocial and neurophysiological factors in musculoskeletal pain.

Using video, decision-making aids and case studies we facilitate the incorporation of new knowledge with existing treatment approaches to optimise patient outcomes. Learn more

KALSI Business Coaching

Most health practitioners work in an environment where business management skills are required. Kalsi Business Coaching provides practical tips and tools that you can use to improve the performance of your private practice.

The learning you will acquire is based on many years of operating health based private practices, both large and small. Working well with people is the key to having a successful practice and should be the platform upon which you build the business. Kalsi Business Coaching, supported by a range of business tools, can teach you how to select, train develop and mentor your people. Learn more

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  • Update to our website Update to our website
    Based on your feedback we have remodelled our website to more accurately reflect the two streams of services we provide; that is, clinical education and business coaching.  In addition we have signif…
  • Randomised controlled trials
    There have been few randomised controlled trials demonstrating clinically meaningful effect sizes in favour of physical therapy. Unfortunately the number of recent trials investigating the effectivene…
  • Andrew Hahne gains appointment at Latrobe University Andrew Hahne gains appointment at Latrobe University
    Andrew has been a highly valued member of the STOPS research team over the past 10 years. His clinical insights and academic rigour have been an integral part of our research success. As reward for hi…
  • Welcome to Kalsi Education Welcome to Kalsi Education
    Welcome to our new website! We are excited to be able to offer physical therapists worldwide access to the highest quality clinical and business education. Please take some time to explore the website…

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