About Us

The KALSI Directors have been active in health related private practices for over 30 years.  During this time we've seen great variability in treatment quality and patient outcomes.  Clinical research to date has unfortunately had a limited impact at the coalface.  At KALSI we are passionate about the effectiveness of specific treatment for musculoskeletal problems.  Ten years ago we embarked upon a research program to prove that high quality treatment, when specifically provided to carefully selected patients, results in great outcomes.

The Specific Treatment of Problems of the Spine (STOPS) trials is now complete and for the first time clearly demonstrates the significant benefits of specific treatment on low back pain.  In order to assist health practitioners in adopting effective specific treatment methods (such as the STOPS protocol) we have created the KALSI Clinical Education component of the website with a range of options.  These include free and paid eLearning modules, eBooks and face to face short courses.

High quality and effective treatment should result in successful commercial outcomes in private practice.  Yet in our experience health practitioners can benefit from business specific knowledge aimed at maximising profit and efficiency.  KALSI Business Coaching provides a range of education options and resources to assist health practitioners in this regard.

With KALSI, clinical excellence and business success can go hand in hand!

If you are interested, why not ask us a question on our Practitioner Advice Line.  Alternatively go to our Products and Services page to see how KALSI can help.