Our Research Program

High quality clinical research is the foundation of the KALSI vision for improving patient outcomes.  To date most randomised controlled trials (RCT) and systematic reviews have failed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment in a manner consistent with expert clinical practice.  Our research team is one of the first in the world to conduct rigorous clinical research designed by and for practitioners in the field. 

Our eLearning modules, eBooks and face to face short courses allow health practitioners to access our detailed and specific clinical protocols developed in our research program.

Health practitioners interested in participating in our future research projects should contact us and consider participating in our groundbreaking Clinical Database project.

STOPS Back Pain

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Treatment for multi-directional instability of the shoulder

Multi-directional instability (MDI) is the symptomatic glenohumeral joint subluxation or dislocation occurring in more than one direction. To date there have been no... Learn more

Classification of groin pain

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